Tagboard for Enterprise

The Tagboard platform offers a full suite of tools for Enterprise customers, no matter the type or size of the business.

Tagboard Live

Take your live event to the next level with an engaging and beautiful social display, powered by Tagboard. No matter the size of your audience, venue, or screen type, Tagboard Live’s dynamic social display platform allows you to capture audience attention, increase engagement, extend reach, and activate your community.

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Personalize and stylize your tagboard. Edit backgrounds, colors, and layouts to create the custom look you want.

More tagboards

Enjoy the freedom to create more tagboards on-the-fly for any topic or occasion throughout the year.

More posts

Capture the global conversation with no post limits for each of your tagboards.

Advanced embedding

Bring your earned media to your owned media properties with customizable embedded tagboards.


Block offensive or negative content, and use keyword filters to automatically remove or promote posts.

Team administration

Simplify your workflow by sharing control of your tagboard with team members.

Complete control, without the complexity

Our dedicated sales staff are on call to help guide and support even the biggest projects.

1. Search

Public social media appears on Tagboard within seconds of being posted to the respective social network.

2. Select

Robust tools make it easy for you to feature only the content that you want to highlight.

3. Display

Display your tagboard content wherever your community is: web, mobile, and in-venue.

“Before, it was easy to treat our fans as a demographic, but with Tagboard we can actually gain meaningful and exclusive insights as to why they engage with us.”
Tom Masiero
Digital Growth at Formula DRIFT

Get Tagboard for Enterprise and take social engagement at your events to the next level: