Capture attention & increase engagement

Extend your reach and activate your audience with integrated social displays, powered by Tagboard Live.

Easy setup

Spin-up a new tagboard display for a trending topic in a matter of seconds.

Safe social

No surprises. Automatically filter out the noise and feature only the best content.

Real-time aggregation

Discover and browse the latest #hashtag posts from all the major social networks.

Perfect the experience with customization

Details matter. Get the details right with Tagboard Live’s beautiful layouts and flexible customization tools. You’ll have everything you need to fine-tune your social displays: adjust for screen size and resolution, positioning, viewing distance, content layouts, speed, and animation style, all on-the-fly through a simple settings control panel.

Advanced moderation and management

Streamline workflows for your live events with Tagboard Live. With Tagboard Curator (included in Tagboard Live), you can easily manage high-volume content with one simple, responsive, and intuitive interface.

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