Lead #SocialTV on your broadcast

The Tagboard platform is as easy as 1-2-3 for producers, talent, and community managers to get safe social posts on air within seconds.

From TV to #SocialTV

Tagboard gives talent and producers easy tools to use so they can show safe, moderated social media live on air.

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Increase content

Search and utilize user generated social media posts to increase content in your broadcast.

Increase engagement

Ask viewers to participate in the conversation online and empower them to engage with your show.

Increase loyalty

Show viewers’ posts on air and let them know that their voice is important.

#SocialTV on air displays

We work closely with your team to create customized graphics that match your look & feel, placing social posts strategically to enhance your #SocialTV mission.

Excellent for a broadcast; a comprehensive view on the conversation. (Examples shown with customizations.)

Great for an interstitial display during a live broadcast. (Examples shown with customizations.)

A dynamic composition of visual content, great for most applications. (Examples shown with customizations.)

An overlay on your broadcast for breaking news and views. (Examples shown with customizations.)

A touchscreen-friendly view for producing a story during broadcast. (Examples shown with customizations.)

Perfect for broadcast, or as an overlay on your presentations and video content.(Examples shown with customizations.)

The Tagboard Success Program

Be on the forefront of #SocialTV trends with monthly webinars and ongoing education. The program is led by Chief Operating Officer Jenni Hogan, who Forbes declared, “the most followed local TV anchor on Social Media.”

Access to monthly webinars and ongoing education

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Enable teams and content producers to capture great social in Hootsuite and push to any Tagboard display.

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Tagboard Live

Take your live event to the next level with an engaging and beautiful social display, powered by Tagboard.

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Extend the live experience to your digital audience. Embed Tagboard to your web or mobile properties.

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“We’ve never had the opportunity for virtual, real-time, two-way conversation with viewers in such an easy-to-use way like Tagboard allows.”
Barrett Tryon
TV Producer, CBS Las Vegas

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