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Tagboard is located in historic, downtown Redmond, Washington, where we pride ourselves in being the anti-startup startup; no 60-hour work weeks fueled by ramen and Red Bull. We have a positive, energetic work environment and challenge each other towards both personal and professional growth. Read more about our company culture and values on our company page.

Visual Designer

It's 2017 and we have an information overload problem.

While everyone else is busy making algorithms to solve it, we're on a mission to make the world's best human-powered solutions.

At Tagboard, we believe communities, and the trust that comes from them, are the key to solving most of what ails us. We're building a world-class software platform for communities to discover and showcase the best user-generated media, like tweets and photos.

Organizations of all sizes use Tagboard to find and share the best social media from the most popular networks, but our vision is to do for all media what Google did for web documents. That is: make what you want — what's relevant — more accessible, safe, and beautiful.

We’re a small but growing team, based in Redmond, Washington. We're looking for an experienced, versatile designer to add to the product team.

You have:

  • Unbridled creativity and initiative
  • Side projects to show off
  • Technical knowledge and experience in the standard stuff: HTML and CSS
  • Expert skill with design tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, etc.
  • Good listening and interpreting skills
  • A cool head under pressure
  • A passion for clean, semantic, and efficient code
  • An understanding of the social media landscape (past, present, and future)
  • Flexibility in your definition of “work hours”

What you'll do:

  • Design and code custom experiences for customers and their communities (see examples of our live displays and embedded displays)
  • Work closely with our Customer Success team
  • Support and communicate directly with our global customer base (gasp!)
  • Offer ideas and suggestions to us (and customers) and how things could be done better
  • Participate in product design meetings
  • Adjust your work hours regularly in order to be “on call” during important customer events/activations
  • Make sure Tagboard displays always look good
  • Possibly travel…?

Bottom line: we need help keeping up with the demand for customized Tagboard displays. Our designs are regularly regarded as the best-looking in the industry, and our design team needs some backup. Are you the person to help us with that? It’s not the run-of-the-mill design job, but if you think you’re up to it, we have a desk and laptop all ready for you.

(This role is full-time and based in Redmond, Washington. We believe in the power (and beauty) of diversity, and don't discriminate on the basis of gender, race, orientation/preference, age, or religion. We do, however, conduct thorough reference checks to protect our team and culture.)


  • Pride in what you do and in the company you work for
  • Full medical insurance coverage
  • Generous and flexible PTO
  • A good salary :)
  • Equity ownership options
  • Great company culture [but everyone says that, right?]
  • …? You tell us!

If you’re interesting, send us an email: