Every community needs a hashtag

No other social discovery mechanism has the same speed, versatility, and widespread adoption as the hashtag. It may seem geeky or trendy to some, but the hashtag is a powerful tool that unites people around common interests and goals. We believe every community needs a hashtag, and every hashtag needs a tagboard.


Because hashtags are technically just keywords, they can be adopted by any network or system that supports text input and hyperlinking.


Hashtags aren’t constrained to the same limitations as other taxonomy systems. They can scale infinitely.


Using hashtags is as simple as adding a ‘#’ symbol to any word you want to become linked.


With widespread inclusion across multiple social networks, and an embrace from users around the world, hashtags have shown their real-world value.

The yin and yang of the #hashtag

Unlike other marketing tools, the hashtag wasn’t born in an office on Madison Avenue. It was a user-proposed hack that started with grassroots adoption and grew to be embraced by mainstream culture.

Now, the opportunity exists for community managers to bring new relevance and value to hashtags through curation and authority, without which the hashtag won't ever reach its full potential. We call it the yin- yang of the hashtag.


Hashtags don’t come with an instruction manual. Fortunately we're here to help. Whether you’re a marketing professional, community manager, or you’re throwing a party, there are some simple practices we recommend to create the best hashtag for your project:

  • Keep it short, sweet, and memorable — The best hashtags are short, minimizing character use (critical on some networks) and making them easier to read and remember.
  • Check existing posts — Before you decide on a hashtag, make sure to search to see if anything is already being posted using that same hashtag (and if so, making sure there isn’t too much overlap or offensive content associated with it).
  • Be unique — Avoid using common words or phrases that will produce a lot of social noise.


When it comes to social media, there are no shortcuts to attaining viral growth. With that said, there are a few tricks that can kickstart interest in your campaign. Here are some suggestions:

  • Seed content — Identify key influencers in your audience and encourage them to publish your best content.
  • Make it physical — Put your hashtag on printed material and promote it everywhere you would normally put your URL and even your marketing slogan.
  • Build in value/longevity — Think about how your hashtag might be used outside the context of how you intended it, and make it so users still might find value doing so.

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